Lockers are available for the convenience of our members, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Free Same-Day Access
Check out a lock at the Equipment Issue desk and use any open locker for free.  Clear the locker and return the lock by closing time.
Locker Rental

Visit a Dixon Recreation Center entry desk for your first rental, then conveniently renew online.  

Annual Locker Rental 
  • Small: $52
  • Large: $87
9-Month Locker Rental
  • Small: $45
  • Large: $75
Term Locker Rental 
  • Small: $15
  • Large: $25

Renew Online


Lockers Policy

  1. Rental lockers are for overnight storage of personal items for the period designated above. Only locks provided by OSU may be used on rental lockers. Lockers should be locked at ALL times. DO NOT PLACE VALUABLES INSIDE LOCKERS. Non OSU locks will be removed at the owner's expense.
  2. Day use lockers are also available for daily checkout. Locks left on overnight for day-use lockers will be removed at the owner's expense. Items left in day use lockers overnight will be cleared out.
  3. Items left in rental lockers not vacated or renewed by the expiration date will be cleared out.
  4. Items left on the exterior of lockers (i.e. swimsuits, etc.) are subject to removal.
  5. OSU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, DAMAGED OR STOLEN ITEMS AT ANY TIME WHILE STORED IN LOCKERS. OSU Recreational Sports reserves the right to immediately dispose of OR store any cleared/removed items (as described under 2,3 or 4). Any items placed in storage will not be stored for more than 30 days and will be subject to a storage and recovery fee. OSU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEARED/REMOVED ITEMS THAT ARE LOST, DAMAGED OR STOLEN