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Staying active and committing to a healthy lifestyle.  

Are you a current Rec Sports member looking for a challenging workout? Do you want to relieve stress in a safe and supportive group environment? Purchase a Group Fitness Pass that allows you to select from a variety of in-person and remote fitness classes offered each week. 

Dance Classes

Zumba® 45 minutes of high-intensity choreographed songs with strong focus on cardio.

Strength Classes

Strength In 45 minutes, challenge all of the muscle groups in your body with this full-body, strength-training class.
Strength/HIIT This 45 minute class challenges your full body with strength-based movements using high-intensity intervals. 

Yoga Classes

Yoga Spend 45 minutes connecting with your breath, your movements and yourself.
Pilates Employ controlled breathing during bodyweight resistance movement to build core strength. 

Cycling Classes

Ride a variety of terrain while challenging your cardiovascular fitness in this 35 minute class.