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Staying active and committing to a healthy lifestyle.  

Are you a current Rec Sports member looking for a challenging workout? Do you want to relieve stress in a safe and supportive group environment? Purchase a Group Fitness Pass that allows you to select from over 80 Group Fitness classes offered each week during the academic year and over 50 during the summer. 

Dance Classes

Cardio Kick Boxing Choreography and basic boxing skills grow together through the term in this heart-pounding workout.
Zumba® Fuse hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. Have a blast in this calorie-burning, body-energizing program.

Strength Classes

Beaver Fit High-intensity interval training - simple, yet intense exercises for weight loss and muscle tone (abs, low back and torso)
Body Blitz Instructor-led, full-body workout - a circuit of free-motion equipment.  Great for all levels.  (45 mins)
BodyPump Squat, press, lift and curl to chart-topping music with cutting-edge choreography - low weight loads and high repetition movements
Core Fusion Thirty minutes of abs, low back and torso work will fly by as we couple great music with equipment variety.
Strong (HIIT) Music motivates every squat, lunge and burpee in this body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training.
Body Lift 20-30 minutes of body-weight exercises with choreography similar to Body Pump classes. 

Yoga Classes

Mat Pilates Employ controlled breathing during bodyweight resistance movement to build core strength  (All levels)
Power Flow Set to upbeat music - build internal heat, engage and build core strength and increase flexibility  (All levels)
Strength & Balance This flow class leads you through a variety of poses with an emphasis on the breath  (All levels)
Sunrise Breathe deeply with this energizing flow sequence that emphasizes strength, balance, and alignment
Sunset A vigorous array of flowing asanas coupled with meditation and yoga philosophy
Vinyasa/ Flow Synchronize the breath with a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses while enjoying a backdrop of upbeat music
Yin Hold each asana (posture) for an extended duration (1-5 minutes) in this slow-paced yoga as an exercise session
Guided Mindfulness Cultivate sustained attentiveness and awareness with purpose and without judgement in this guided meditation

Cycling Classes

Club Sweat
A club-like experience set to pop, hip hop and funky electronic dance music (45 mins)
Journey 30
A fun atmosphere with a high-intensity journey (30 mins)
Top 45

Streaming music with high-energy drills, sprints, hills and breakaways (45 mins)

Vibe Ride
Turn the lights down low and connect with the beat, the positive energy and your inner vibe (45 mins)