Adventure Leadership Certificate from Oregon State University overview

Employers rank leadership skills as one of the most desirable qualities among college graduates. Strengthen your leadership skills and career competencies while earning academic credit with the Adventure Leadership Certificate Program.


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Adventure Leadership Certificate Overview

  • Learn: Explore leadership theories while practicing problem-solving, critical thinking, group development, communication and social change skills.
  • Experience: With the outdoors as your classroom, apply skills and knowledge, refine and develop new understanding and perspectives of leadership.

    Grow: The certificate is open to all students and pairs with the OSU Leadership Minor and several majors. The skills you learn are relevant and transferable to your career.

Adventure Leadership Certificate: Education Requirements


  • LEAD 430/530 Foundations of Adventure Leadership
    • Offered fall, winter and spring terms
  • PAC 329 Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Responder Non-Credit    
    • Offered summer and winter breaks
  • 3 Adventure Leadership Electives
    • Offered every term
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Adventure Leadership Certificate: Experience Requirements


  • Teach 2 ALI Classes
  • Assist or lead 3 Adventure Trips


Adventure Leadership Certificate

The Adventure Leadership Certificate is obtained upon the successful completion of five classes and 5 experiences. 



  • "This class was amazing! Classes were very engaging, every week the three-hour "lecture" (lectures were integrated with hands-on activities and discussions) flew by. Everyone should take this class, regardless of their major. I feel like I grew as a person, student, leader and expanded my support system here at OSU." 

    Marielle Friedman, Mathematics

  • “Working with groups has enabled me to find my own voice and build confidence of working with people in an interactive language. Seeing that I have had a positive impact on people over time is really rewarding.” 

    James Ivelich, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Major 

  • “What I have appreciated most is the opportunity to broaden my worldview (and even shift it!) on the types of challenges and situations that leaders in the world should be ready to take on.”

    Student Reflection