Our trainers will help you reach your fitness goals, whether you are looking to just get started or to improve your strength and performance.  They will teach you proper exercise technique and create a comprehensive program of cardiorespiratory, resistance training and flexibility for a healthier, happier you.  $25 per session - all session types.

Meet Your Trainers

Join our personal trainers for at-home workouts during the COVID-19 closure:

In this 90 minute appointment, a Recreational Sports Personal Trainer will help you set personal fitness goals, complete a fitness evaluation (optional), and design an individualized exercise program to fit your unique needs and reach your goals. Your personal trainer will take you through each exercise instructing proper form and technique to ensure you feel comfortable and confident completing your workout. This session gives you all the tools you need to Get Started with a fitness routine.

These 60-minute, individual sessions focus specifically on your fitness goals and needs. A one-on-one personal training session will allow a trainer to focus on your needs and ensure proper form. A perfect follow-up to our Get Started appointment, advance your program, learn new exercises, and have the accountability of a personal trainer working with you to help you reach your goals.

Partner training allows you and a friend to go through a 60-minute personal training session together. With partner training, our trainers can design a program that is both catered to you and your friend's goals while flexible enough to be continued in the future. Partner training sessions are great for people planning on making a habit out of working out together or for those who want to save more money on the cost of personal training.

Small Group Training allows you and up to five friends to pitch in together and save even more money on the cost of a 60-minute personal training session.  With small group training, you can work towards establishing a routine that will be efficient and effective for everyone in your group.

How to Make an Appointment

Use our on-line shop portal or follow these steps to purchase in Dixon Recreation Center. 

  1. Browse our Trainer Bios and choose the experience and specializations that best fit your needs.
  2. Bring your completed Intake Form (pdf) and Doctor Consent Form (pdf) to the Recreation Services desk in Dixon with payment.
  3. Your payment will prompt an email from your selected trainer to coordinate an appointment. (Appointments are scheduled no sooner than 48 hours from contact.)

    Why hire a Personal Trainer?

    Recreational Sports Personal trainers will help you set realistic goals, design a personalized workout program, exercise properly and hold yourself accountable. No matter your fitness goals, they will ensure that you leave each session feeling educated and motivated for your next workout!

    Personal Trainers can help you with..

    • Setting and reaching fitness goals
    • Educating proper exercise form and technique
    • Core Training
    • Functional Exercises
    • Exercise ideas for home, work, or travel
    • Periodization (changing exercises) to prevent boredom, injuries, and plateaus
    • General Fitness Questions