High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

DAM Fit is a group training class led by a trained coach and incorporates strength, agility and cardio into a high intensity interval training workout. DAM Fit is scientifically designed to both challenge and protect the human body. This program uses exercises founded upon basic movement patterns, allowing participants to safely transfer skills learned in the program into activities of daily life. All abilities are welcome to get motivated, get strong, and get DAM Fit!  

Dam Fit Price
  • $60 per term

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Program Details

  • DAM Fit meets in McAlexander Fieldhouse.
  • DAM Fit is open to Rec Sports members. 
  • Please print and fill out the Dam Fit Intake Form and bring to the Recreation Services Desk in Dixon Recreation Center to register.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is DAM Fit like CrossFit?

CrossFit, a successful small group training program that has become a household name in the last decade, is known for its high-intensity workouts that have revolutionized the "sport" of fitness. DAM Fit creates a similar environment to Cross Fit, but is unique in the following ways:

  • DAM Fit focuses largely on safety, catering to many different fitness levels. If you are brand-new to a fitness program, or even if you have just taken a fitness-sabbatical, you will start your DAM Fit training in a group designed to safely and effectively progress you to your goals. You will master basic movement patterns and develop a base level of fitness and endurance so that you can stay healthy and injury-free as your coaches progress you through more and more challenging sessions.

  • All of our DAM Fit trainers must also hold a nationally-recognized personal training certification, in addition to completing an extensive training for DAM Fit. Our trainers understand different training principles and training techniques. Through their national certification, they are able to understand that individuals have different fitness-related goals, and work with those different goals and ability levels.
  • DAM Fit is exclusive to Recreational Sports at Oregon State University!
Do I need to be super fit to participate in DAM Fit?

Of course not! Our program has a structure in place so that everyone can feel comfortable, while feeling challenged - from the brand-new exerciser to the Division 1 athlete!

Who should I contact if I want additional information about Dam Fit?

Contact Cathy Sullivan (541-737-3243) Fitness Services & Education Coordinator, with questions about DAM Fit.