The focus of the Sport Club program is to offer recreational, social, and competitive opportunities for students at a variety of skill levels. Clubs are student-run and often compete with other universities around the state and country.
There are 40 sport clubs associated with Oregon State University! You can find a list of these clubs at
Yes! The Sport Club program has a no-cut policy. All students can participate in sport clubs. However, clubs may decide to select a “competitive” or “travel” team, within the club. This means that certain players from the club may travel to special events or tournaments, while other club members might participate in practices and local events. See the Intramural Sports Handbook for more details.
You can contact one of the club officers by looking up their information here, or you can view the club’s practice schedule and show up to a practice. To sign the mandatory club waiver, visit and look under “Join a Club” and proceed through the sign-up process.
Each club is required to have “club dues” however they vary from club to club and year to year, depending on what the club has budgeted for (ex: trips out of state, activity which requires flights, equipment purchases, etc.). Contact the club directly for more information about club dues.
Stop by the Sport Programs office and obtain a formal application packet. Staff will walk you through the application process, work with you on the club’s purpose and goals, and let you know what it means to be a sport club as OSU. Completed applications are reviewed by the sport club committee and staff for acceptance.
Yes! Sport Club members are allowed to participate in intramural sports leagues and tournaments. In the Intramural Sports activities that have same (or similar) associated Sport Clubs there are restrictions on the number of Sport Club participants from that sport that can be on the roster. Events that provide for five or fewer players in the game at one time are limited to one club player on their intramural roster. Events which provide for six or more players in the game at one time are restricted to two club members on their intramural roster. An individual is considered to be a club member if their name is listed on the club roster form on file with Sport Programs, the person attends more than four club practices in any given term, participate on the traveling team/roster, or in other club related activities for the entire school year they participated in. Sport club coaches are considered club members for Intramural Sports participation. For the purpose of gender determination in Intramural Sports, a Sport Club coach’s expressed gender identity is used to determine their eligibility, not the gender of the club they are coaching. For example, if the Women’s Water Polo coach identifies as a man, they will be considered a man when determining their eligibility in Intramural Water Polo.
We don’t offer refunds for dues, unless the refund request fits into our policy’s “special circumstances” criteria, within 60 days of payment. You can contact your club’s advisor directly for information about our refund policy.