The Sport Club Committee is the primary governing body of the Oregon State University Sport Club Program.  The Committee works with the Sport Programs Staff in shaping the future of the Sport Club Program. 

The Committee is responsible for establishing and reviewing policies related to the operation of the program, evaluating, and reviewing budget requests, allocating individual club dollars, and allocating money to clubs from the national travel fund account.  The Committee is also responsible for evaluating and reviewing requests for new club membership, responding to questions and issues concerning sport clubs, and making recommendations regarding club and individual member status when disciplinary or conduct issues arise.

Committee Organization

The Sport Club Committee consists of five elected sport club student members: The student representatives will be elected by the current Sport Club Committee for the following year.

Three current faculty or staff members at Oregon State University will serve as appointed by the Director of Recreational Sports and the Associate Director of Programs. The Sport Club Coordinator, Manager, and Sport Programs Assistant Director will serve as ex-officio members to the committee.

There are two co-chairs for the Committee, a Sports Program Staff, and one student member voted in by the Sport Club Committee.



  • Three members are appointed for one-year terms with reappointment privileges.


  • Five active sport club members (undergraduate or graduate) elected by the Sport Club Committee will serve one-year terms with reappointment privileges.
  • Members are approved by Associated Students of Oregon State University.
  • Expectations of Sport Club Committee Members
  • Have a general understanding of the Department of Recreational Sports and Sport Club Program.
  • Understand Sport Club Committee role.
  • Attend and be prepared to contribute to all Sport Club Committee meetings and trainings by reviewing upcoming agendas and bringing required materials.
  • Represent the best interests of all recognized sport clubs.
  • Assist in the continual education and development of the Sport Club Program for the future.
  • Actively participate and understand the Sport Clubs Committee activities and procedures.
  • Continually communicate with the Sport Programs Staff during member year.
  • Submit availability for committee meetings, in a timely manner, prior to each academic term.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all committee activities.
  • Committee Operating Procedures
  • Committee will meet approximately once per month, October through June.  Additional meetings may be called throughout the year as needed.
Rules of Procedure

Committee business items (membership in the program, policy decisions, and disciplinary sanctions) will only take place when a quorum is present.

A quorum shall consist of four members, the Sport Programs Staff will only vote in the event of a tied vote.

The Chair of the Sport Club Committee may direct the Committee into Executive Session should a quorum not be present.  The Executive Committee will also be responsible for special or emergency budget allocations and minor exceptions to policy.  All decisions made will be ratified at the next scheduled meeting.

Decisions of the Committee will be on a simple majority vote. 

Voting members of the Committee must cast their votes in person; proxy votes and substitutions are not permitted; however, absent members may submit opinions in writing for members in attendance to take into consideration.