OSU Student Memberships

  • Student Incidental Fee Membership - OSU Corvallis students receive membership with incidental fee payment. 
  • Summer Membership – OSU Corvallis students that paid a student incidental fee during the fall, winter or spring semester immediately prior to the summer term in question automatically receive this membership. 
  • Extended Membership – Purchase this membership if you are enrolled in OSU but plan to take a non-summer term off in between terms in which you are enrolled and still want to maintain your Rec Sports membership. 
  • Pre-Enrolled Membership – Purchase this membership if you are an admitted OSU student but have yet to pay a student incidental fee.

Purchase Student Membership

OSU Employee Membership

Oregon State University faculty and staff members are eligible to purchase a Recreational Sports membership at any time throughout the year for various durations.

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase Employee Membership


To purchase a membership via payroll deduction submit a Docusign form between the Tuesday after Labor Day and the last business day of October. 


One-day Membership

Current OSU ID card required. Come and go within the same calendar day.  Includes Dixon Recreation Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse, Student Legacy Park and Tennis Pavilion.

Purchase One-Day Membership

OSU Spouse/Partner Membership   

If you are 18 and over and qualify for an OSU ID Card, you are eligible for membership. 

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase Spouse/Partner Membership

OSU Alumni Membership 

Show your photo ID and confirm your OSU Alumni status at the Recreational Sports entry desk. 

1-Month Term 9-month Annual
$60 $155 $465 $510

Purchase Alumni Membership

Affiliate Membership 

Linn-Benton Community College Students, OSU Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, NIRSA employees and others who work on campus are eligible for an Affiliate membership.

Call 541-737-7110 with questions about your specific situation.

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase Affiliate Membership

Ecampus Membership 

Students enrolled in Ecampus can purchase a membership for the same cost as the Corvallis on-campus student incidental fee. 

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase Ecampus Membership


Climbing Pass Membership

The general public, without an Oregon State University affiliation, is able to purchase climbing passes. 

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase Climbing Pass

Buddy Pass Membership

Buddy Pass Memberships are available for individuals that live with an OSU student and have a current active Rec Sports membership. Both the OSU student, and the "buddy" must be present at the time of purchase with government-issued identification. 

1-Month Term (3 months) 9-month Annual
$55 $135 $405 $450

Purchase pass at the Dixon Recreation Center or the McAlexander Fieldhouse.