Mission Statement

Supporting Student Success — We create engaging environments for student growth and success. We inspire healthy living by providing quality recreational and educational opportunities for the OSU community.

Vision Statement

Through staff passion, innovation, and steadfast commitment to creating dynamic learning experiences, the Department of Recreational Sports has established itself as an essential campus partner in student wellness, a healthy campus, and the success of students and campus alike.  OSU RecSports is recognized as a leader and source of best practices in the growing and evolving field of recreation.

Guiding Principles

The Department of Recreational Sports is governed by principles defined through its historical development, formal documents, and the members of its active governing bodies.

We make a difference through opportunities

We are committed to supporting the OSU community by providing experiential learning, physical activity, and social connections that foster a fun and welcoming environment where individuals thrive.     

We serve as educators

We create meaningful learning experiences through our collaborations, programs, services, facilities and employment, which support student success and enhance the student experience.   

We believe each person has worth and dignity

We recognize, understand and encourage celebration of the human differences that surround us and ask you to participate in fostering this spirit.  Expression of bigotry, hatred, prejudice or disrespect is inconsistent with the ideals of preserving human dignity and contradicts the values of healthful living and fair play promoted by Oregon State University and our staff.

We serve as stewards of our resources

We are committed to using our financial, human and physical resources in a responsible manner in meeting current and future needs. Recognizing students as a key resource, we are committed to involving them in decision making.  Decisions will be based on being responsive, sustainable and consistent with our mission, guiding principles, values and vision.