Community.  Leadership.  Grit.  
Engagement in wholesome competition, adventure, and an activity regimen enhances the academic experience and grows transferable skills for the workplace.

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Recreational Sports, OSU Sport Clubs, Adventure Leadership, or Intramural Sports - direct your gift to the fund of your choice to advance activity, education, professionalism, and support networks.

 A gift of can with
$50 improve access
needs-based fee waivers
for personal training
$500 build leadership
an Adventure Leadership Institute
outing for an eight-person squad
$1,000 motivate teamwork
intramural championship tshirts
for the season

inspire excellence

travel expenses to nationals
for a sport club
$3 million grow inclusivity renovated locker rooms

Tax deductible.  Automatic payment available (perpetual or renewable).


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Case Statement: IHSA


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