The Recreational Sports Advisory Board is a body of committed students and faculty staff from OSU that meets monthly and gives advice and recommendations to the governing board or management. These positions serve as advocates for the Department of Recreational Sports; its budget, programs and services.

Current Members

Student Members (one-year appointment):
Jocelyn Glover, Fraternity and Sorority Life Representative- Chair
Clara Boime, At-large Undergraduate Representative- Vice Chair
Emma Flick, Recreational Sports, Student Fee Committee Representative
Ismaeel Al Shekaili, International Programs Representative
Lontum Nchadze, At-large Graduate Representative
Sylvester Omondi, At-large Graduate Representative
Vacant, Disability Access Services Representative
Dakota Canzano, ASOSU Vice President
Maddie Jensen, At-large Undergraduate Representative
Vacant, Grant Funded Programs Representative
Vacant, Education Opportunities Program Representative
Nathan Schmidt, University Housing and Dining Representative
Faculty & Staff Members (three-year appointment):
Dee Gillen, Public Health and Human Sciences
Kurt Hill , At-large Faculty
Jane Nichols, At-large Faculty
Vacant, Student Affairs
Non-Voting Members
Leah Hall Dorothy, Ex-Officio
Jasmine Womack, Secretary


Purpose, membership, leadership, and rules of procedure for the Recreational Sports Advisory Board are defined and directed in our bylaws document, last posted May 11, 2022.


Contact information

Leah Hall Dorothy

[email protected]