From the Greek words “intra”, for within, and “mural”, for walls, these are sports run “within the walls” of our institution. The emphasis in intramural sports in on participating and fun, not on intense competition. There are “A”, “B” and “C” skill levels so even if you are new to a sport, there is a place for you.

All students who are paying full student incidental fees with a valid IM Pass are eligible to participate in intramural sports. Additionally, anyone who is a member of Recreational Sports with a valid IM Pass may also participate in intramural sports. There are special circumstances for which an individual who meets the criteria above may not participate. Example: A member of a varsity or professional sports team may not play in that specific or related intramural sport. See the Intramural Sports Handbook for more details.

All participants must create an IMLeagues account and have an active IM Pass to be eligible to register for intramural sport leagues, tournaments, and events for that term. Log into IMLeagues from the OSU Rec Sports website to create an account and obtain an IM Pass. Registration for specific activities will be completed online through IMLeagues.

Individuals will purchase an IM Pass for $20 per term to play unlimited intramurals (player eligibility rules will still apply). IM Pass can be purchase online through IMLeagues. Some events may have additional fees to help cover the cost of facility expenses such the Family Weekend Golf Tournaments. Select events do not require an IM Pass. Visit the sport specific page on IMLeagues for information around event fees and IM Pass requirements.

After you log in to IMLeagues click the “Oregon State University” button at the top of your page to go to the homepage. Here will be listed all of the league sports and tournaments and events for the entire term. Find the sport/activity you'd like to participate in and click on the icon.

Next it will outline all of the important information for that sport/activity. Select which league you'd like to participate in for that sport (men's, women's, open, co-rec). Click on the league and then on the next page you'll have the opportunity to either "create a team" or "join as a free agent". If you have a group of friends to play with already, create a team. If you don't have a team, join as a free agent, and now teams can view your profile and contact you if they need more players.

When creating the team you will be required to take the quiz, select a team name, agree to the waiver, etc. After the team is created, start inviting players through your captain toolbar.

If this is a league sport you must attend the mandatory manager’s meeting. Only one representative from the team needs to attend this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to give participants an overview of the league and sport, review sport specific rules, and how managers can contribute to the success of the sport.

Some tournaments and events may require managers to attend a mandatory manager’s meeting. Information will be outlined on the specific sport page.


Joining players to your roster is easy. Managers send players an invitation through IMLeagues. Players must create an account in IMLeagues AND join the team. Once they accept the manager's request (or send a request of their own) the captain must accept them on to the team. Note that players can be added to a roster, but will be ineligible for participation in an activity until they have purchased an Intramural Pass for that term.

Individuals not on a team but interested in playing intramural sports can register as a “Free Agent” for a specific activity in IMLeagues. Once registered as a free agent, teams can request to add you to their team or you can request to join a team. Free Agents looking for a team and Team Captains looking for players can also attend Free Agent Roundups. More information on Free Agent Roundup dates and locations can be found

Information on the sports offered during each term can be found on the Sports Offered web page. Leagues, tournaments, and events vary each term.

Absolutely! B League is Recreational.

The Intramural Sports Program is divided into four divisions:  Women, Men, and Co-Rec, and Open. If there is enough interest, ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘Elite’ leagues are formed. ‘A’ leagues and Elite leagues are competitive while ‘B’ are recreational.   The A leagues and Elite leagues play a 4 game regular season with the opportunity for playoffs for teams that qualify. Elite leagues have unrestricted eligibility and are the most competitive leagues.  B leagues offer a more relaxed, fun environment while maintaining a little competitive edge with an added 5th regular season game and no playoff opportunities.  


With an IM Pass, you can sign up for as many different leagues, events and tournaments each term. However, you can only participate on one co-rec team and one single gender team per sport. You cannot participate in an A league and B league of the same division. This is to prevent participants from playing in A league and then unfairly dominating the B or C leagues, which may make it less enjoyable for those who want to play recreationally.   

Teams will typically play about once a week. Occasionally, a team can play twice in one week if they reschedule a game because they were unable to make the originally scheduled game. For teams that qualify for playoffs, a new schedule is created and teams may play multiple times during the week in order to complete the bracket before finals.

Once registration closes, leagues will be locked and teams will not be able to change leagues. It is not guaranteed, but you may stop by the Sport Programs Office in Dixon and request a league time change. If the request is approved, a $5 fee will be assessed to the student account of the team manager.

Sport Programs will email all team captains when the schedules are posted to IMLeagues. To access your schedule, log on to IMLeagues and go to your team page. Your schedule will be posted there as well as on the sport's main page.

Forfeits negatively impact Intramural participants and staff and are therefore billed, reported, and assessed to develop programs which minimize the occurrence of forfeits.

Through IMLeagues, team managers will authorize OSU to charge either $20, $10, or $5 to their student account for forfeited intramural contests. Team managers will be charged $20 for a team forfeit within a league or officiated tournament, $10 for a team forfeit within a tournament or event, and $5 for an individual or dual forfeit within a tournament or event.

Team managers and individuals will be charged forfeit fees for “No Shows”. A no show occurs when a team manager or individual registers for an event on IMLeagues, does not attend the event/tournaments, and fails to notify the sport coordinator that they are dropping out from the contest.