Looking for a game of Racquetball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Pickleball or Squash?
We can help you connect with other players! 

Check out our Racket Connections Board, outside of Dixon Lower Gyms (eastern-most court).

Play for Fun
1)  Fill out a contact tag.
2)  Choose your sport and hang your tag (far right) to let others know you want to play.
3)  Contact anyone on the board to schedule a game.

Challenge for Rank
1)  Extend a challenge to anyone on the board.
2)  Agree on rules before play.  (Find official rules at the Rec Sports Equipment Issue Desk.)
3)  Move tags (only) when you win.
    a)  Update your last-played date.
    b)  Take your competitor's place on the board, shifting their tag (and others that follow) one to the right.