Our bike shop offers maintenance services and has several parts for sale. Please visit our hours page for Bike Shop hours. 

Those in need of a basic tune-up or full tune can have their bike serviced at Dixon Recreation Center. Accordingly, the bike shop offers flat tire repair, brake adjustments, gear adjustments, and wheel truing.

Bike Rental:

Recreational Sports is no longer offering a Bike Rental program. Transportation Services now operates the Beaver Bike Rental program, which offers bike rentals by the term. To learn more or request a rental bike, visit their website.

Service Fee
Basic Tune (Tire ination, oil chain/cables, brake/cable adjust, brake/cable install) $20-$25
Full Tune (Basic tune plus: wheel truing, hub/headset/bracket adjust, clean bike) $25-$45
Bike Build $40
Flat Repair $10
Brake Adjustment $10 + parts
Gear Adjustment $10 + parts
Wheel Truing $12




Available to Students/ Members /OSU Community 

Bike Chain


Bike Patch Kit


Bike Tube (24", 26", 27")


Brake Cable


Brake Housing (price per foot)


Brake Pad (Cantilever)


Brake Pad (Mtn)


Brake Pad (Threaded)


Shift Housing (price per foot)


Shifting Cable