Positive Learning Environment

"Take care of each other.  Share your energies with the group.  No one must feel alone, cut off, for that is when you do not make it."
Willi Unsoeld
OSU Alum and Faculty
Member of the first successful US summit of Mt. Everest

The Adventure Leadership Institute (ALI)™ is built on a foundation of respect and care. The ALI upholds a culture of honor and dignity, principles that are fundamental to its positive learning environment.  This environment is fashioned by personal integrity and discipline, and where self-worth is sustained. The ALI values effective communities.

Our community affirms individuals and groups in pursuit of learning and leadership.

Transgressions toward others, whether innocuous or overt, are inconsistent with these values and are not tolerated within the ALI community.  As a student in this community, it is our shared responsibility to develop and maintain a positive learning environment for everyone in the ALI. We take this responsibility very seriously and will inform members of or community if their behavior makes it difficult to carry out this task. As a fellow learner, you are asked to respect the learning needs, and social rights of your classmates and assist us in achieving this critical goal.