One-day membership: $8

Current OSU ID card required.  Come and go within the same calendar day.  Includes Dixon Recreation Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse, Student Legacy Park and Tennis Pavilion.

Purchase Online

OSU Students automatically receive membership status when they pay incidental fees associated with course registration.

Special memberships are available for e-campus students and those on extended status (taking classes next term, but not this one).  Purchase at Dixon Recreation Center.

Half-Term Term
$58 $115

OSU Employees & Families OSU Employees & Families -  If you qualify for an OSU ID Card, you are eligible for membership.  Youth restrictions apply

1-Month Term 9-month Annual
$40 $115 $345 $390

OSU Alumni Association - show your photo ID and current Alumni Association membership card at our Recreation Services Desk during Service Center hours.

1-Month Term 9-month Annual
$45 $125 $375 $440

Special relationship with OSU?   Employees of NIRSA, OSU Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and others who work on campus are eligible for special membership.

Call 541-737-3736 with questions about your specific situation.

1-Month Term 9-month Annual
$45 $115 $345 $390

See Punch Passes & Visitors for additional access options.