Membership is a purchased relationship with the Department of Recreational Sports that grants unlimited entry to facilities and other defined benefits for a specified timeframe. If you use RecSports facilities and equipment with regularity, membership saves you money. Membership also opens doors to numerous activities and services. To be eligible for intramural or sport club participation, unlimited FitPasses, clinical services, and reduced rates on classes/trips and outdoor equipment rental, one must be either a student or member. 

Students who paid full OSU incidental fees the previous term (or Spring term in the case of Fall application) are eligible to purchase Extended Student Membership for one term.

Generally, any person who has a current OSU ID card can purchase a RecSports Membership. This includes faculty, staff, associates and affiliates. OSU alumni and individuals who are not OSU employees/students but work within the geographic boundaries of OSU are given special consideration. For a listing of fees associated with getting OSU ID cards visit the OSU ID Card website.

If you are eligible to purchase a membership, your partner and dependents are also eligible. Membership is sold to each individual separately. Members are also allowed to bring up to two guests of their choice with them at each visit (additional guests allowed during break periods). Each guest must have a photo ID [if over the age of 16] and will be charged a daily entry fee at the entrance desk, which gives them access to facilities and equipment. Youth restrictions apply to participants under age 16.

If you temporarily misplace your OSU ID, you may bring in a legal form of photo identification such as a Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID.  We recommend you contact the ID center as soon as possible if you are unable to find your OSU ID.

Purchase Membership