Introductory Tours

Our Fitness Training Specialists love these one-on-one orientations with customers - introducing you to the fitness programs, services, and spaces available within Dixon Recreation Center; and they’re FREE!  Call our Recreation Services Desk (541-737-3736) to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.

Functional Training Equipment

Functional weight training employs common movements used in the home, at work and during leisure activity.  Wondering how to use the equipment?  Click on any embedded link below for a video demonstration from Escape Fitness!


Use the Slamball to develop core strength and explosive power. This piece of equipment is designed to be powerfully thrown (slammed) onto the ground.


The momentum and deceleration movements of the Kettlebell help to build endurance and power and challenge your stabilization by forcing changes in your center of gravity.


Use the Vertball in challenges against the clock, such as the wall ball exercise to develop your shoulder, core, leg and glute strength, and give you a true challenge.


Use the TIYR to develop strength, power and balance, with exercises like tire flips, decline pushups or step ups. Also works well for plyometric activities like on/off or in/out jumps.


Ropes can develop strength throughout the entire body through a variety of exercises that vary in coordination demands and intensity. 

Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases your muscular endurance and overall shoulder and joint mobility. It is perfect for a variety of unique exercises for every athlete and sport because it delivers extreme all-round fitness.


The Corebag is designed with handles and an optimum height off the floor, allowing you to mimic complex, compound movements like the Clean (Olympic Lift).

Core Momentum Trainer (CMT)

The Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) magnifies the cardio effect of movements and connects your core to your outer extremities for better protection against potential injury. An audio feature helps determine when to work harder or to stop.


Lift, carry, throw and slam – the instability in the Sandbag makes it a functional challenge for any user.


The shifting weight of the GRIPR challenges your balance and coordination, causing you to regularly adapt to the dynamic experience.