He sent us an email with his reflection on adventuring with us a few days later:


The Things I fear...

Three years has passed and I am still Malawi's only Paraglider Pilot. With over three hundred flights, living my dream still brings as much fear as satisfaction.

Without doubt, I can tell that my fellow country-men think I am abnormal. The least they can think is probably to conclude that I am tired of life and simply in search of death. However, wherever I land they run to cheer me up.

'If jumping off a mountain still scares you, then what makes you continue doing it?' They ask.

'Behind every fear, seem to be the presence of love' I reply to them. Still.. my philosophy doesnt seem to make sense.

Three weeks ago, my life faced a new challenge. I was given the opportunity to experience canyoneering at... I had never heard of this sport before. The next thing I knew, I was standing on a 30-foot cliff and about to jump into the water. Flashed with fear, I found every part of my body refusing to take a step because of two things;

1- I was not attached to a parachute.

2- I did not know how to swim.


Long story short, I rejected the voices and did it afraid.

Results; A heart full of love, happy attacks and personal growth.

Still, some people who witnessed this wonder whether I am brave or not bright at all.


For me, it seems like every time that I face my fears, not only do I end up growing in other areas of my life but I usually also, end up loving the very same things that I fear. With gratitude, my heart looks forward to the next adventure in my life :-).



We look forward to more adventures and to watching the amazing things he has planned for Malawi.


Watch Godfrey’s Ted talk here: