Our Philosophy

We are educators who develop and change students using experience as our textbook and the outdoors as our classroom.

The Adventure Leadership Institute utilizes theories which serve as the foundation for program design and outcomes. Research dictates that educational outcomes and developmental outcomes are equally essential and intertwined in the endeavors of higher education.  Our programs offer intentional, purposeful and directed experiences that enhance learning and contribute to the scholarly development of Oregon State University students.

Our Goals

  • Create a compelling experiential learning environment
  • Increase the adaptive capacity of students to solve problems
  • Contribute to developing intellectual, physical and interpersonal competence
  • Employ robust reflective processes as core to the learning experience
  • Use the outdoor learning environment as a way to foster the development of self-identity
  • Contribute to the development of student leaders through opportunities to practice guiding and facilitation skills

Our Beginnings

Our History