Help collegiate recreation build future leaders

Your insight, expertise, and example as a Rec Sports alum can be incredibly valuable to our student employees. It only takes a few hours of your time to make a profound impact on our current students. Consider one of our existing forums or propose something different that works for you.

Director’s Retreat 

  • Annually, third week of September

  • A two-day retreat when 60+ student employees enhance their leadership and teamwork skills as they grow a sense of community with full-time staff and Rec Sports alums


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Career Crossroads

  • Site Visits Fridays, twice each term

  • Worksite visits, touring 4-10 student employees and discussing applicable skills from collegiate recreation that transfer to any chosen career


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Rec Sports Leader Development Program (RSLDP)

  • Tuesday evenings, weeks 2 and 6 of each term

  • Leadership talks open to all Rec Sports student employees - personal stories of diverse and dynamic leaders with an emphasis on highlighting transferable skills


I am interested in sharing my leadership story.