From the Greek words “intra”, for within, and “mural”, for walls, these are sports run “within the walls” of our institution. The emphasis in intramural sports in on participating and fun, not on intense competition. There are “A” and “B” skill levels so even if you are new to a sport, there is a place for you.
For intramural leagues and team tournaments, you can pick up a roster form from the Sport Programs Office. These rosters should be filled out completely and turned in to the appropriate Dixon locations by the deadline. Leagues that require entries fees should be submitted at Rec Services, while free leagues should be submitted in the Sport Programs Office. For intramural tournaments and special events, you can pick up a tri-fold form for the tournament of choice from the Sport Programs Office. The completed forms should be returned to the Sport Programs Office before the registration deadline. The exception to this is for those tournaments that charge an entry fee (ex: Family Weekend Golf) are turned in at Rec Services.
All students who are paying full student incidental fees are eligible to participate in intramural sports. Additionally, anyone who is a member of Recreational Sports may also participate in intramural sports. There are special circumstances for which an individual who meets the criteria above may not participate. Example: A member of a varsity or professional sports team may not play in that specific or related intramural sport. See the Intramural Sports Handbook for more details.
Yes, you can sign up as a free agent here. As a free agent, we will look to place you on a team that needs more players on their roster. You will need to attend free agent round up meetings for the sport of your choice; this will allow us to find you a team that needs more players.
Information on the sports offered during each semester can be found by visiting the Intramural Sports page and selecting the appropriate term on the right hand side of the page.
Absolutely! Most of our league sports offer both A and B leagues. The A leagues are our most competitive and play a 4 game regular season with the opportunity for playoffs for teams that qualify. B leagues offer a more relaxed, fun environment while maintaining a little competitive edge with an added 5th regular season game and no playoff opportunities.
On average, the cost per team for our leagues is $55. Many tournaments and special events are offered at no cost to participants. Student Incidental fees and Recreational Sports help fund our program. There are fees for most team leagues and tournaments to help cover the cost of officials and for sports which outside agencies charge for use of their facility.
You can sign up for as many different leagues, special events and tournaments as you would like, however, you can be on one co-rec team and one single gender team per sport. You cannot participate in an A league and a B league of the same division. This is to prevent people from playing in A league and then unfairly dominating B league, which may make it less enjoyable for those who just want to play in B league.
Priority registration allows for you/your team to register early for your league, which gives you first pick of your league date and time. Keep an eye out for instructions on how to get priority registration by liking our Facebook page.
Teams will typically play about once a week. Occasionally, a team can play twice in one week if they reschedule a game because they were unable to make the originally scheduled game. For teams that qualify for playoffs, a new schedule is created and teams may play multiple times during the week in order to complete the bracket before Finals.
It is not guaranteed, but you may stop by the Sport Programs Office in Dixon and request a league time change. If the request is approved, a $5 fee will be assessed to the student account of the team manager.
The schedule for the entire league is located on the schedule tab to the right of this page.
Yes. You have the option to either default or reschedule. A default means that the game will be officially cancelled and nobody gets charged the $20 forfeit fee. This requires the manager to come into the Sport Programs Office or call the office (541-737-4083) by 2:00 PM one business day before the scheduled game to get the game officially defaulted. Doing this allows the other team to plan for a cancelled game. The second option of rescheduling also allows you to avoid the $20 forfeit fee while also allowing each team to play against each other at one of the available reschedule times. This process requires the manager from both teams to come into the Sport Programs Office by 2:00 PM two business days prior to the day of the scheduled game.
Champion Shirts are awarded to the overall winner teams/participants for our leagues and special events by division. There are no t-shirts awarded in B leagues.
In order to be eligible for playoffs your team must meet a couple specific requirements. Your team must have a .500 or better regular season record as well as an average sportsmanship point average of 5.5 or greater. Sportsmanship points are awarded at the end of each game based on your teams overall conduct throughout the game.
If you are interested in becoming an official for one of our sports leagues visit and fill out an application. Official’s clinics are provided for each sport to teach the fundamentals of officiating for each individual sport. No previous experience is required. You are also still eligible to participate in the sports league you officiate.
Recreational Sports does not carry insurance on participants. It is recommended that participants purchase accident and health insurance. OSU Student Health Services offers affordable health insurance packages.