Why should I take a safety class?

Whether you learn first aid, CPR/AED or beyond, having a proper understanding of hands-on safety training can give you the skills and confidence needed to improve and even save lives.  Look at our course descriptions for a summary of what each class covers.

I have taken a safety class in the past 2 years with Recreational Sports but have lost my certification card. How do I get a new one? 

Certifications last 2 years, therefore we will have yours on file if you wish to get a replacement. Please email safety.programs@oregonstate.edu

I have taken a safety class with Recreational Sports but never received my certification card. How do I go about getting it?

Certifications should arrive via the email you provided during class.  Please email us at safety.programs@oregonstate.edu in case you haven’t received your card.

How long does my certification last?

Certifications last two years. The third year is considered a grace period in which you are no longer certified to respond, but can take a recertification class.

Can I take a class more frequently than every two years?

Of course.  Although a class certification lasts two years, you can take classes anytime you want as a refresher.  You are also more than welcome to schedule an appointment with one of the safety staff to ask questions and make sure your safety skills are up to date. Our Safety Resource Area is open when Dixon Recreation Center is open and contains a multitude of medical and safety guidebooks that can also be used as references for safety skills.