The Department of Recreational Sports (DRS) policy regarding Personal Training at the DRS is restricted to only those individuals that have been specifically employed by the DRS for this purpose. Any participant observed or even assumed to be personal training with a member in this facility that is not employed as a DRS personal trainer will have their DRS privileges suspended or revoked. An individual may be suspected of personal training if he/she is (but is not limited to)assisting a member/s with:
1) spotting
2) equipment and adjustments
3) program writing & design
4) explaining and providing exercise technique
5) meeting with the same individual on a frequent basis
6) encouragement and counting sets and repetitions
7) getting and returning weights for a member
8) following a member around the room and telling them what to exercise next
9) member pays another individual that is not an DRS Personal Trainer for an exercise session

Reasons Why Trainers Not affiliated with the DRS Personal Training Program are prohibited from personal training:

In the State of Oregon no regulations exist regarding the profession of personal training. This lack of regulation causes many under-qualified or uneducated "trainers" to claim the title of "Personal Trainer". Due to liability issues and other reasons listed below, the DRS requires all trainers working within the building to maintain certification through a nationally recognized organization and meet specific academic requirements essential for quality personal training. The DRS upholds these strict criteria for trainers in an effort to ensure that the personal training program remains a quality service on the cutting edge of this field.Personal training for our purposes is defined as one-on-one fitness instruction to another individual.

The following reasons justify why personal trainers not employed by the DRS are not allowed to train within the DRS:
  • The DRS cannot adequately control the quality of personal training from individuals that are not employed by the DRS. These individuals may not have adequate academic background, ability, training or experience to correctly train clients. In addition, the DRS are very limited in its ability to regulate these individuals in order to prevent or correct potential erroneous information or technique passed on to clients.
  • Individuals not employed by the DRS have not been trained by the DRS staff, policies, rules, guidelines, procedures, or standards and therefore, are unauthorized trainers.
  • A legal liability arises for the DRS if we are aware of outside personal trainers working within the DRS.
  • Profiting from the use of State property, i.e. DRS's equipment and facilities, without consent is illegal.
  • The use of the DRS for outside personal training is in direct competition with the personal training service that the DRS offer.
  • Failure to comply with our policies regarding personal training is in direct violation of conducts prohibited under articles 14 and 15 of the Dean of Student’s “Student Code of Conduct.” Such a violation may result in suspension or permanent loss of DRS privileges and submission of your name to the Dean of Students for possible further sanctions.