**Rec Sports Member NOTICE: PEBB StayFit Program is Ending**

Why is PEBB ending the StayFit Rewards Program?

We are ending the StayFit Rewards program in response to a recent IRS determination regarding the tax status of employee wellness incentives and rewards. The program ends July 31, 2016.

What was the IRS determination?

The IRS concluded that all cash incentives or rewards paid to employees for participation in an employer-sponsored wellness program are considered a payment of wages subject to employment taxes.

Why doesn’t PEBB just add the incentive amount to employee wages?

Adding the incentive to employee wages creates administrative challenges for the program and other state systems because a StayFit member’s incentive can vary month to month.

Will the state deduct and report 2016 taxes on incentives paid to the end of the program?

No. We are ending the program within a reasonable time from receiving the IRS information. 

What action should I take now as a current StayFit participant?

PEBB will honor attendance reporting through July 31, 2016.  As a StayFit participant you can report fitness facility visits made January 1st 2016 through July 31, 2016, provided you had PEBB medical insurance and a gym membership at the time. You have until Sept. 15, 2016, to report all attendance. The final subsidy payment for 2016 will be made the first week of October 2016. 

If I am in the process of enrolling in the program, can I complete my enrollment? 

If you are enrolled in the program you would have received a confirmation email from StayFit.  If you did not receive a confirmation email, your enrollment in the program may be pending.   You have until Sept. 16, 2016, to send in required documents or forms. If you are mailing the documents or forms to PEBB they must be post marked no later than Sept. 16, 2016.  After this date PEBB will no longer accept enrollment forms for the StayFit program.


Additional Helpful Resources:

2015-2016 Membership Dates

Membership Type

Sales Start



September 8, 2015

September 16, 2016

9-Month (Purchased in Fall)

September 8, 2015

June 17, 2016

9-Month (Purchased in Winter)

November 30, 2015

March 25, 2016

Fall Term

September 8, 2015

December 31, 2015

Winter Term

November 30, 2015

March 25, 2016

Spring Term

March 7, 2016

June 17, 2016

Summer Term

May 30, 2016

September 16, 2016


Visits for 2015-16 to Exercise Rewards

Members have until September 16, 2016 to redeem their rewards from Exercise Rewards. It is highly encouraged that members submit their 2015-16 fitness facility visits to Exercise Rewards as soon as possible so that there is sufficient time to ensure claims are processed and paid correctly as we transition away from this program vendor. Please use the old process for this which is as follows:
1. Submit the Fitness Facility Member Verification Form (only required if you did not submit it in 2015)
2. Submit the Rewards Submission Log
3. Fill out the ACH Direct Deposit form
(Note: PEBB member accounts on the www.exerciserewards.com website terminated on 12/31/2015).


Please send all documents to:

Email:  StayFit.Rewards@oregon.gov
Fax:  (503) 373-1654
USPS: 500 Summer St. NE, E89, Salem OR 97301


What if I haven’t enrolled but was planning to?  

PEBB will accept enrollment forms for individuals not currently enrolled in the program until July 31, 2016, through the contacts listed above.  After July 31, 2016, PEBB will no longer accept enrollment forms for the StayFit program. If you are mailing the documents to us they must be post marked by July 31, 2016.  To enroll in the StayFit program, you must send in the following:

  • Enrollment and Gym Membership Application
  • Proof of your gym membership, which can be one of the following:
    • The gym or fitness center signs the last page of the enrollment application or;
    • Proof of payment or;
    • Copy of your gym contract or agrrement.
  • ACH Direct Deposit Form
  • Voided Check


If your enrollment forms are incomplete or missing any of the above documentation, your enrollment may be denied.

Please send all documents to:
Email:  StayFit.Rewards@oregon.gov
Fax:  (503) 373-1654
USPS: 500 Summer St. NE, E89, Salem OR 97301


Other questions?

If you have any additional concerns or questions please contact Kari Miller @ 541-737-7235 or Kari.Miller@oregonstate.edu or contact PEBB directly via the StayFit.Rewards@oregon.gov E-mail address.