PEBB Exercise Rewards Program & Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is an approved fitness facility as part of the PEBB Exercise Rewards Program. Recreational Sports members are eligible to receive a $15/month reimbursement check from the Exercise Rewards Program by visiting Recreational Sports facilities at least 8 times/month* (or in combination with other approved facilities).

*Members will receive credit for one workout session per day, with at least 8 hours between sessions.

Program Information:

    • The PEBB Exercise Rewards Program extends to PEBB-eligible faculty/staff and their spouse/domestic partner.
      • The $15/month reimbursement process will be facilitated between you, the Recreational Sports member, and PEBB directly. Recreational Sports will not be providing a “discount” to your membership at time of purchase or through payroll deduction.
          • Employee and/or spouse/partner must have health insurance through PEBB.
            • The deadline to submit all forms is 90 days from the end of the play year. We encourage Recreational Sports members to submit forms on a quarterly basis. Deadline for 2015 submissions = March 31, 2016.
            • Are you a part of Faculty Staff Fitness? FSF is approved as part of the Exercise Rewards Program! You can meet the 8 visits/month exercise requirement through Faculty Staff Fitness and Recreational Sports together.
            • All updates to the Exercise Rewards program can be found on the Exercise Rewards website.


              Step 1: Print out the Exercise Rewards “Fitness Facility Member Verification Form” (available below) and fill out with your information*. See an example of a completed "Fitness Facility Member Verification Form" here.

              *The Fitness Facility Member Verification Form is only required to be submitted once per calendar year with your first "Reward Submission Form/Log."

              Membership Types and Start/Expire Dates for "Fitness Facility Member Verification Form"

              2014-2015 Membership Dates    
              Membership Type Sales Start Expire
              Annual Membership 9/2/2014 9/18/2015
              9-Month Membership (Fall) 9/2/2014 6/19/2015
              9-Month Membership (Winter) 12/1/2014 9/18/2015
              Fall Term Membership 9/2/2014 1/2/2015
              Winter Term Membership 12/1/2014 3/27/2015
              Spring Term Membership 3/9/2015 6/19/2015
              Summer Term Membership 6/1/2014 9/18/2015

              Step 2: Print out the Exercise Rewards “Reward Submission Form/Log” (available below) and fill out with your information. See an example of a completed "Reward Submission Form/Log" here.

              Step 3: Log into Web Track and follow the instructions found here to print out your Member Visit Report for the months you select.

              Step 4: Send all documents (Fitness Facility Member Verification Form, Reward Submission Form/Log and Member Visit Report from Web Trac) via email to or mail to the following address: Exercise Rewards, PO Box 509117, San Diego, CA, 92150-9117.


              For Recreational Sports membership questions, please contact Ali Casqueiro, Membership Coordinator, at 541-737-4883.

              For technical support with Web Trac, please contact Andrew Struthers, IT Consultant, at 541-737-2943.