PEBB Exercise Rewards Program & Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports is an approved fitness facility as part of the PEBB Exercise Rewards Program. Recreational Sports members are eligible to receive a $15/month reimbursement check from the Exercise Rewards Program by visiting Recreational Sports facilities at least 8 times/month* (or in combination with other approved facilities).

*Members will receive credit for one workout session per day, with at least 8 hours between sessions. Required visits of 8 times/month will be effective beginning January 1, 2015. All 2014 submissions need 12 visits/month.

Program Information:

    • The PEBB Exercise Rewards Program extends to PEBB-eligible faculty/staff and their spouse/domestic partner.
      • The $15/month reimbursement process will be facilitated between you, the Recreational Sports member, and PEBB directly. Recreational Sports will not be providing a “discount” to your membership at time of purchase or through payroll deduction.
        • Registration on the Exercise Rewards website can be done by either the subscriber (employee enrolled in the health plan) or the spouse/partner.
          • Employee and/or spouse/partner must have health insurance through PEBB.
            • Employees opting out of PEBB insurance are not eligible to participate in the Exercise Rewards program unless they opt out because they have other PEBB coverage.
            • Are you a part of Faculty Staff Fitness or Beaver Strides? FSF and Beaver Strides are approved as part of the Exercise Rewards Program! You can meet the 8 visits/month exercise requirement through Faculty Staff Fitness, Beaver Strides and Recreational Sports together.

              NEW in 2015:

              • Effective January 1, the required number of visits to an approved Exercise Rewards facility drops from 12 visits/month to only 8 visits/month.
              • Effective January 1, all members need to submit a Fitness Facility Member Verification Form for the new year. You only need to submit this form once per calendar year. If you visit more than one approved facility, you must submit this form for each facility. (Ex: Recreational Sports and Faculty Staff Fitness).
              • For any visits you would like to submit for reimbursement that occurred during 2014, you must submit paperwork by March 31, 2015.
              • For all visits you would like to submit for reimbursement during 2015, we suggest submitting paperwork quarterly. The deadline for reimbursement for 2015, is March 31, 2016.
              • All new updates regarding the Exercise Rewards program can be found here.


              Step 1: Every PEBB-eligible Recreational Sports member must first register online at to be a part of this program. NOTE: You do NOT need to select a facility on the Exercise Rewards Program website. You ONLY need to register. We are aware that Recreational Sports is not "listed" however, we are approved!

              Step 2: Print out the Exercise Rewards “Fitness Facility Member Verification Form” (available below) and fill out with your information*. See an example of a completed "Fitness Facility Member Verification Form" here.

              *The Fitness Facility Member Verification Form is only required to be submitted once per calendar year with your first "Reward Submission Form/Log."

              Membership Types and Start/Expire Dates for "Fitness Facility Member Verification Form"

              2013 - 2014 Membership Dates    
              Membership Type Sales Start Expire
              Annual Membership 9/3/2013 9/26/2014
              9-Month Membership (Fall) 9/3/2013 6/20/2014
              9-Month Membership (Winter) 12/2/2013 9/26/2014
              Fall Term Membership 9/3/2013 1/3/2014
              Winter Term Membership 12/2/2013 3/28/2014
              Spring Term Membership 3/10/2014 6/20/2014
              Summer Term Membership 6/2/2014 9/26/2014
              2014-2015 Membership Dates    
              Membership Type Sales Start Expire
              Annual Membership 9/2/2014 9/18/2015
              9-Month Membership (Fall) 9/2/2014 6/19/2015
              9-Month Membership (Winter) 12/1/2014 9/18/2015
              Fall Term Membership 9/2/2014 1/2/2015
              Winter Term Membership 12/1/2014 3/27/2015
              Spring Term Membership 3/9/2015 6/19/2015
              Summer Term Membership 6/1/2014 9/18/2015

              Step 3: Print out the Exercise Rewards “Reward Submission Form/Log” (available below) and fill out with your information. See an example of a completed "Reward Submission Form/Log" here.

              Step 4: Log into Web Track and follow the instructions found here to print out your Member Visit Report for the months you select. Please note: if you are having issues reading the PDF file, please update your browser or PDF reader.

              • Please note: If you are having trouble downloading the PDF file, you may need to update your browser (Firefox or Explorer) or try using a different browser.

              Step 5: Send all documents (Fitness Facility Member Verification Form, Reward Submission Form/Log and Member Visit Report from Web Trac) via email to or mail to the following address: Exercise Rewards, PO Box 509117, San Diego, CA, 92150-9117.


              The deadline to submit all forms is 90 days from the end of the plan year. WE ENCOURAGE RECREATIONAL SPORTS MEMBERS TO SUBMIT FORMS ON A QUARTERLY BASIS. Deadline for 2014 submissions = March 2015. Deadline for 2015 submissions = March 2016.


              For Recreational Sports membership questions, please contact Ali Casqueiro, Membership Coordinator, at 541-737-4883.

              For technical support with Web Trac, please contact Andrew Struthers, IT Consultant, at 541-737-2943.