2013 RecSports Indoor Triathlon

The 2018 Intramural Sports Indoor Triathlon is a swim, bike and run throughout Dixon Recreation Center.

Participants operate in heats of seven or eight depending on how many register. The event starts in the Dixon Pool, where heats are timed and officials keep track of lap count for each swimmer.

After the swim, participants are given 15 minutes to change before heading to multipurpose room three for a timed cycle. Lastly, each heat will leave the cycle portion of the race and head up to the indoor track for a timed run.

Winners are determined by calculated distances, which are kept by triathlon officials throughout the day.

When: Triathlon will take place on Saturday, February 24th   

Registration: Entries are due at the Sport Programs Office in Dixon by 2pm on Friday, February 23rd.

Where: Dixon Pool Lanes 1-4, Indoor Track at Dixon, Multipurpose Room 3 at Dixon

Who: All Recreational Sports Members (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates)

Cost: Free