During the academic year there are over 40 leagues and tournaments offered through the Recreational Sports Intramural (IM) Sports program, which emphasizes the importance of participation and fun. Hannah Pomeroy, a fourth year student studying Business, found this emphasis to be true and now encourages IM Sports involvement to other OSU students seeking overall wellness.


As an athlete in high school, Pomeroy participated in volleyball and lacrosse, which also led her to utilize IM Sports as an opportunity. “I always played sports in high school and [IM Sports] gave me another opportunity to try sports I’d never tried before because I’d never really played soccer and I’d never really played softball and there’s so many other sports I could try through IM Sport,” she said, “It just gives you an opportunity to try other things that you haven’t had the option to try before.” With over 40 IM Sports leagues and tournaments, there’s always something new for everyone to try at Rec Sports.

Pomeroy remembered her first IM Sports experience as a freshman at OSU. “A group of my friends and I decided that we wanted to be active and be involved in the school so we decided that going and signing up for Intramural Sports would be a good way to do that. We started with volleyball,” she said, “We played in the B League, but it was fun because it wasn’t very competitive and we ended up winning the division.”

Since then Pomeroy has continued to participate in several IM Sports including volleyball, sand volleyball, soccer, softball, and pickle ball, with sand volleyball being her personal favorite. “[Sand volleyball] is more strategy based and you have to have more volleyball skill in the sand to be able to play, but when I played indoors it was more just kind of for fun—just getting my friends together,” said Pomeroy, someone who clearly enjoys both fun and a competitive challenge.

Aside from competition, Pomeroy discussed the important role Rec Sports has played during her time at OSU. “Rec Sports represents to me being able to be involved in your community and also it gives you the chance to take a break from studying and to have fun with your friends and play the sports that you enjoy.” Pomeroy also heavily noted three key benefits of IM Sports when she said, “[IM Sports] keep you active, you’re able to try new sports that you’ve always wanted to try, but you haven’t had the opportunity, and also give you a chance to be involved in the OSU community without really having to try. You can just go out and either get a group of friends together or you can be a free agent and meet new people like that.”

Follow Pomeroy’s example and take a study break, try a different sport, meet some new friends, and be well with us here at OSU Rec Sports. Whether you have a group of friends you’d like to partner up with or you are looking to be a free agent, take the initiative and join an IM Sports league or tournament today! Spring IM Sports sign-ups information can be found at http://recsports.oregonstate.edu/intramural-sports now.