Adam Johnson, an OSU alumnus from 2010 with a degree in finance and economics, still holds the record for most swipe-ins at Rec Sports facilities. After growing up in Corvallis and playing sports during high school, Johnson came to OSU looking for a way to continue a regimented workout routine. At Dixon he found a place to relieve the stress of college and the self-discipline to push himself physically and mentally to the next level. What Johnson didn’t expect to discover was community, belonging, and best friends.

Adam Johnson

When Johnson is passing through town, he always stops at Dixon to say hello to friends and mentors from his time at OSU. He considers himself motivated, welcoming, and an exciting person; all characteristics he claims Rec Sports helped him develop. “It can be difficult to put into words why a building, a gym, a small community means so much. It becomes a part of you. That’s what Dixon and RecSports was, a part of me.” (Adam Johnson, 2017)