Stay healthy and happy over Winter Break! Here are some quick tips from Recreational Sports to keep your break healthy.

  1. Some people might not have access to a gym or standard workout equipment. But fear not! This doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Try using your couch or other household items and get a workout done in the living room. 
  2. If you’re staying in Corvallis, bring a workout buddy that isn't a member! The usual limit on number of guests is lifted during break, so take advantage of this and bring a guest or many guests who aren't currently a member of Rec Sports.
  3. Instead of buying your Christmas tree from a lot, cut it down yourself! We recommend you get permission first, of course.  
  4. If you have shopping to do for the holidays, use the opportunity to get extra steps! And no, clicking the "one-click checkout" button on Amazon doesn't count. Get out there and go shopping in a mall or local store!
  5. Stuck inside for most of the day? Is it uncomfortably cold outside? Bundle up with all that winter gear and get outside for a walk with your family or friends! Do something to break up that 8 hour Netflix binge.
  6. Catch up on sleep! During the school year we’re all on a hectic schedule, but during break is a great opportunity to catch up on sleep. Even though catching up on sleep is a proven myth, but it turns out, sleep is a really healthy thing to do. So get some more of it while you can! 
  7. The holidays can be a time of indulging in great seasonal foods like Egg Nog and Ham. Try to limit the unhealthy foods, and don't forget to eat your veggies.
  8. Keep logging hours in the 100+ Mile Challenge! Even if you aren’t at Dixon, you can still log your hours. If you haven’t done it already, sign-up for the 100+ Mile Challenge and work your way toward a free T-shirt! More info here -