Our safety program provides emergency response and care for all OSU hosted Sport Club events as well as many other OSU sponsored activities.  All Oregon State affiliated events are available to be contracted for this service.  If interested, contact the Department of Recreational Sports Safety Coordinator.

Services Provided at  Sport Club and Oregon State University Contracted Events

  •      Emergency responders are present at sports club and OSU contracted events to take action, and provide first aid and CPR/AED services during sudden injury or illness.  The presence of our emergency responders ensures a safer environment by providing general first aid and CPR/AED care to all participants (players and spectators).
  •      Emergency responders are NOT athletic trainers and therefore do not provide services such as taping, wrapping, rehabilitation, and other training information.  All aid administered by emergency responders is subject to the protocals of the American Red Cross, in combination with the policies and procedures of the Department of Recreation Sports  Any sports club requesting these services should contact the Department of Recreation Sports Athletic Training Office or Student Health Services for any additional care pertaining to a sports injury. 

General Responsibilities for Sport Club and OSU Contracted Event Management

  •      The coaches, captains, and leaders of a sport club at OSU have the responsibility to educate themselves, and their participants in regards to proper sports safety and resource availability.
  •      It is vital that a sports club team properly notify the Sports Club Coordinator in regards to any time change or cancellation.  If the coordinator cannot be reached, the Safety Programs Emergency Response Supervisor or Safety Programs Coordinator must be contacted (see phone numbers below).

Rules for all Sport Club Events and other OSU Contracted Activities

  •      Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on Oregon State University property. Campus Security will be called if any violations are suspected.
  •      Emergency responders have the authority to call off an event if it is deamed unsafe. Please treat their decisions with respect.
  •      Any un-ruley fans , players, coaches, or participants that violate these rules will be asked to vacate the premises.  

How can you make a Sport Club or OSU Contracted Event Safe for Players and Participants

  •      The leaders of sport clubs can make the environment safe by complying to the Department of Recreation Sports and Oregon State University policy and procedures.   By becoming certified in First Aid and CPR/AED training you as a bystander are personally knowledgeable and can contribute to the awareness of an emergency situations
  •      If interested in becoming certified through the American Red Cross, the Safety Department at Dixon Recreation Center offers many courses pertinent to the proper care of a sport injury or illness.


Safety Programs Contacts

Jennifer Stewart

Safety Programs Coordinator

Office #: (541) 737-5411

Fax #: (541) 737-6832

Email: Jennifer.Stewart@oregonstate.edu