Current Advisory Board Meetings

April 24, 2017 4:30pm



The purpose of the Recreational Sports Advisory Board is to:

  1. Review and make recommendations regarding proposed increases in the annual budget of the Department of Recreational Sports (DRS).
  2. Recommend the student fee amount required to support the Recreational Sports annual budget request to the DRS Director.
  3. Recommend any DRS student fee increase request for the upcoming fiscal year to the Associated Students of Oregon State University’s (ASOSU) Student Incidental Fee Committee (SIFC).
  4. Review DRS programs and services and make recommendations to staff to support and enhance the wellbeing and success of OSU students.
  5. Advise DRS of needed additions and/or improvements to recreation facilities.
  6. Serve as a sounding board for the leadership of DRS.
  7. Serve as a liaison between the ASOSU, SIFC and DRS.



To view the Recreational Sports Advisory Board Bylaws follow the link below

FY 16 Recreational Sports Advisory Board Bylaws


List of Positions

The Recreational Sports Advisory Board shall have eleven (11) student members:

  1. Two (2) at-large undergraduate students.
  2. Two (2) at-large graduate students.
  3. One (1) undergraduate student residing in an OSU residence hall.
  4. One (1) undergraduate student from the office of Diversity and Cultural Engagement.
  5. One (1) undergraduate student recommendation from The Director of International Student Advising and Services.
  6. One (1) undergraduate student recommendation from The Director of the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  7. One (1) undergraduate student Recommendation from The Director of Disability Services.
  8. One (1) undergraduate or graduate student employee of Recreational Sports.
  9. Vice-President of ASOSU or designee.


How to Join

  1. All currently enrolled OSU students paying incidental fees are eligible for nomination and appointment to the Advisory Board.
  2. At-large student members shall be selected through an open application process. Interested OSU students must complete a formal application by the published deadline to be considered.  Potential at-large members may also be nominated and sent an application to consider applying to the Advisory Board.
  3. Students recommended for the designated positions must complete the formal application by the deadline to be appointed.

You may find the application instructions here.

Contact Info

Leah Hall Dorothy

List of members currently in positions-

Chair- Laura Noble
Vice Chair- Lyndi Petty
SIFC Representative- Brett Wilkerson

List of General members

Hussain Al Balushi
Jason Khangura
Thomas Staffileno
Markus Beals
Eric McCormick
Brett Morgan
Sara Wright
Robert Thompson
Karen Swanger
Ex officio -Leah Hall Dorothy

Description of Expectations

  1. All members are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled meetings and events.
  2. Meetings shall be held monthly during the academic year with additional meetings scheduled as needed during the month of January to make recommendations for the student fee setting process.
  3. The board reviews and recommends the Recreational Sports Budget Annually to the Student Incidental Fees Committee.
  4. Each board member serves as an advocate for the Department of Recreational Sports programs, services and budget.
  5. In addition the board members serve as a sounding board that gives advice and recommendations to management and the governing board based on program assessment and impact.

Contact information

Leah Hall Dorothy