Interviews with RecSports Alums...

Nicole Bateham "The experiences that I gained during my two years with Recreational Sports helped shape my career and molded me into the professional that I am today. I had the pleasure of working for Recreational Sports in the Fitness Department for two years after I graduated from Portland State University."
Miles Dodge " had the privilege to work in the Department of Recreational Sports in a variety of functions including Intramural Sports, Facility Operations, Special Events Team and as a student committee member over the course of three years.  I look back fondly at these times and recall how much it taught me on how to succeed, but of more value it taught me how to fail; give me a moment to explain."
Tess Ferguson "I think that one of the things the ALI does best lies in the relationship between skills, experience, and confidence. I was often subjected to situations where I had the skills and experience necessary for the job, but in order to succeed I had to nurse a confidence in myself. Continually having to foster this confidence has made it habitual in a way. This confidence, too, is what has allowed me to follow through on the best adventures of my life."
Tram Hoang "When I was a freshman at Oregon State University, Dixon Recreation Center quickly became my haven – my special place to retreat to and a sanctuary for me. Working out daily wasn’t something that I had made a part of my life before college, and being able to do that through Recreational Sports helped me adjust to college life, establish healthy habits, and feel great."
Joey Jenkins "Ten years after my initial employment with Recreational Sports, I can honestly say it is still the best job I have ever had.  I have yet to see an environment where people care so much about developing their employees not only professionally, but also personally."
Ryan Linstad "Still to this day as I reflect on my time at Recreational Sports, I am often taken aback by how much trust was placed on my fellow student-colleagues and me as leaders in the department."
Katie Louk "Not only did I grow professionally in my time with Recreational Sports, I also met some amazing people along the way."
Ben Prahl "I wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience of working for Recreational Sports. Working for Recreational Sports laid the foundation for where I am today as a professional. "
Becca Smith "The people who are associated with Recreational Sports, both faculty and students, are the supportive backbone that allowed me to succeed in my two most challenging accomplishments yet."
James Underwood "From Greek life, to cheerleading to being Benny the Beaver to practicum experiences through my major; I was always on the go. Nothing, however, compares to my time working at Recreational Sports."
Kyle Urban "My time with the Department of Recreational Sports at Oregon State University was a transformative experience. Not only did I gain transferable skills which prepared me for a great job opportunity immediately after graduate school, but I created relationships and lasting bonds that I’ll have for a lifetime."