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Ben Prahl

I started with the Intramural Sports program when it was housed in Langton, before it moved into Dixon known as Sports and Special Programs!  I needed a job and working on campus made sense to me. I liked sports so I figured I would try becoming a referee. 

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At Recreational Sports, “community” means openhearted inclusivity, lasting relationships, civic responsibility, and pride in Beaver Nation. Each of us is differently motivated, but we are bonded in sport and activity; and our healthy choices positively affect the well-being of our campus.

You belong here, and you are always welcome. 


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2016 - Laikyn Carnes (Marketing) – Operations and Outreach – Working as an Account Coordinator at a digital marketing firm called Adpearance, in Portland.  I practically lived at Dixon while in college with jobs on two teams, workouts, intramural sports, and studying.  I’m very grateful for the facility and the family inside it.

2016 - Garrett Clay (Electrical Engineering) – Operations – Working as a firmware engineer at Intel in Hillsboro.  Married and starting a life in Portland.  I met so many great people while working at RecSports!  The focus on professional development was a highlight for me.  It was a great opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun; and – oh yeah – get paid.

2016 - Sarah Okimoto (Human Development and Family Sciences) – Fitness – Working on a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology at California State University East Bay. RecSports introduced me to friends that soon became family, improved my work ethic, and helped build upon my leadership skills.

2015 - Priscilla Macy (Natural Resource Management) – Adventure Leadership Institute – Pursuing an MBA at Oregon State University.  RecSports has allowed me a place to think of as my ‘home’ base while in school; where I can find friends, fitness, and adventure.

2014 - Todd Moore (History) – Sport Programs – Living in Portland, working as a Partnership Marketing Specialist for the Portland Trail Blazers.

2013 - Benjamin Bogert (Athletic Training) - Sport Programs - Married with a one-year-old son.  I am currently working as a medical scribe in Portland.  My family and I will be moving to Iowa in the Fall to begin podiatry school at Des Moines University.  I loved working at RecSports. Mitch and Joe were fantastic bosses who fostered both a professional and enjoyable workplace.  I have great respect for both of them, as well as all of my fellow coworkers.

2012 - Jessica (Garinger) Jackson (Exercise Sport Science) – Aquatics –– Married with a son, living in Lockney, TX, working as an Independent Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide. RecSports dared me to dream big!  Justin Gordon believed in me, promoted me, and helped me grow not only as an employee but as a person.  I appreciate the life skills taught at RecSports, especially as you move up in the department.

2012 - Katie Louk (Counseling) – Still living in Corvallis and working as a school counselor.  I met some amazing people and grew so much professionally in my year of working at RecSports!

2012 - Monica Racicot (Speech Communication) - Living in San Diego with my husband and brand new baby boy. Since graduating from OSU, I've been working as a Program Supervisor for a before- and after-school program with 200 middle school students.  I'm also the school's ASB Activities Director.  I loved every second on the Outreach Team, and I have been able to use everything I learned while at OSU in my daily life with middle school students.

2010 - Marissa Adams (Human Development and Family Sciences) – Operations, RecServices, and Equipment Maintenance – I am a preschool teacher on the Nike campus, living in Beaverton.  RecSports was the most positive place to work on campus, and it helped me learn the job skills that I still employ today.

2010 - Justin Phillips (Computer Engineering) – Sport Programs – I am currently the Manager of Technical Support for a Beaverton-based asset protection company, managing a team that supports the global use of in-house developed software. Outside of the daily grind I am working toward becoming a High School State Soccer Official.

2001 - Alicia (Souder) McCallen (Biology) – Aquatics – Optometrist in Mesa, AZ.  Married another RecSports Alum and they have two kids, ages 4 & 2.


Your legacy lives on in our department and we thank you for all that you have done to make Recreational Sports a place of personal and professional excellence. 

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