Portable Mini Program (2 hours)

We bring a variety of props to your location in order to do games, initiatives and community building.

Team Program (4 hours)

This program consists of games, initiatives and low elements at the OSU Challenge Course.

High Program (6 hours)

This program combines the low elements and high ropes at the OSU Challenge Course.

Program Themes

Recreational Programs

Recreational programs are designed for groups to have fun and get to know each other better. This often results in participants building community, enhancing camaraderie, and beginning to establish the foundation of a group.

Educational Programs

Educational programs are designed for groups to have fun, get to know each other, and to focus on group development. These programs create awareness of group problem solving strategies and to develop individual leadership skills.

Developmental Programs

Developmental programs are designed to incorporate fun and group development. In addition, these programs emphasize taking a group’s current state of performance to a higher level. These programs are ideal for newly formed or intact work groups and sport teams.