STEP 2: Choose Your Challenge

Bring your student group or organization to the Challenge Course for an unforgettable team building experience! Choose from the following Program Options:


Leap of faith

Portable, Community Builder — 2 Hours

Through the use of play and problem solving initiatives ALI™ facilitators will lead your group through a sequence of individual and group challenge activities. This program type generally occurs at an offsite location away from the challenge course.

Short Day Team, Low Course Elements — 4 Hours

This program occurs at our challenge course facility and is similar to our Portables program. This experience generally utilizes various low challenge course elements to create a supportive environment among group members.

Short Day, High Course Elements — 4 Hours

Through the use of ground based activities, low course elements and high course elements this program allows participants the opportunity to practice success and choice within their personal comfort level. This fast paced program is by far our most popular.

Full Day, High Course Elements — 6 Hours

This program utilizes portable games and problem solving initiatives as well as both low and high challenge course elements to engage your group in a focused and intentional teambuilding experience.



STEP 3: Schedule your Challenge Course Experience:

E-mail or call 541-737-6079.

Staff Testimonials

David Zahler, College of Forestry SEEDS Program, Faculty Member

It’s not every day when you can bring together students and faculty, after a tough day at work and school, everyone tired and surly from a full day of academic, personal, and professional challenges, and provide them a program that within three hours has people shouting with delight, energized, re-focused, and experiencing a comradery that we hadn’t experienced through any other past effort. That was my/our experience at the Challenge Course! Wish I had done this sooner with my student groups… 

Read the full story here.


Student Testimonials


"I was able to challenge my own team work skills along with building

positive relationships with my future co-workers. The experience really gave our group a chance to get outside of our comfort zones and bond over shared experiences of fun and strategy.”

-- Morgan T. Senior, Psychology and Sociology

“I would tell people to definitely try it out.  It challenges you mentally and physically. It improved my communication and listening skills.”

-- Kenya Juarez. Junior, Speech Communication

“It pushes you to try new things which is amazing and pushes you to build new friendships. I learned to listen and trust others who I just met.”

-- Efrain Alonso. Senior, Psychology

"What an amazing experience and opportunity!  The staff bring a unique, involved and depth provoking educational experience.  Having the opportunity to come out to the challenge course and experience the concepts we were learning in class was invaluable.  Thank you OSU Challenge Course for such a great experience.  We learned a lot!!!"

-- Kai R.

"Christina (Our Challenge Course Facilitator) was highly knowledgeable, professional, adaptable, and welcoming.  Her facilitation allowed for optimal growth and fun in our brief experience here. Staff paired buckets of knowledge with a rare professional quality of warmth.  Safety and professionalism was obvious and strongly appreciated as well as fun.  This staff truly respects all aspects of the course."

-- Christina A.