The Adventure Leadership Institute™ is committed to cutting edge research and study in the fields of adventure, leadership and development.

Below are some of our recent research projects.


ALI Research


Perceived Benefits of a Challenge Course Experience
A study of what makes students successful

This is a study led by David Schary to determine the impact the challenge course experience has on students and to create an assessment tool to gauge or measure how challenge course programming can promote learning goals for graduates.


A pilot study in decision making constructs

The SHARP program study was led by Dr. Alexis Lewis. SHARP is a guiding tool for leaders and decision makers to use when developing and making critical decisions. SHARP is an acronym, where each letter is a prompt to consider important aspects of decisions in an efficient manner. SHARP is based on the concepts of mindfulness and self-compassion.

S: Stop; H: Here; A: Act; R: Respond; P: Person.