Recharge your battery with our Winter Physical Activity Challenge.

Why participate? The purpose of the Make your Move challenge is to help you build and establish a pattern of regular physical activity. Research shows it can take 60 days or longer to build a habit*. In this non-competitive challenge we’ll help you reach your goals with weekly reminders and opportunities for fun and prizes along the way. 

Sign up with friends

 Sign up with friends to increase motivation and fun or go solo (we've got your back). You choose your level of involvement according to your current physical activity habits. Work on Cardio, resistance exercises or both!

The challenge begins January 29th.

Why participate?

  • To establish or maintain a regular physical activity habit
  • To challenge yourself and achieve a goal
  • To reduce stress, boost your mood, improve sleep and take advantage of the multiple proven benefits of physical activity
  • To have fun
  • To join a team with friends where you keep each other accountable
  • Most importantly, to earn the awesome T-shirt!

Start today!

Let's get started!


Fill out the registration survey. Each team member needs to register separately. At the end of the survey you’ll be routed to the Challenge Runner website. See Challenge Runner quick user guide for questions about setting up your account.

Get moving

Challenge details

Step 1: Decide if you will

  • participate in a group or solo.
  • work on a cardio goal or resistance training goal or both!
  • participate as a “new mover” or “regular mover”

Step 2: Fill out registration survey at link above.

Step 3: Start crushing those goals on January 29th

Step 4: Fill out the weekly survey in your inbox to record your progress

Step 5: Mark your calendar for the challenge celebration on March. All prizes will be distributed at this event.

Cardio Goal

New mover

Complete 30 minutes of moderate cardio 3 days a week (or any combination of 90 minutes)

Regular mover

Complete 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week (or any combination of 150 minutes)


Resistance training goal

New mover

Work each major muscle group at least 1 time a week

Regular mover

Work each major muscle group at least 2 times a week



Level 1

Meet goals for 2 week/6 week challenge

Challenge button

Level 2

Meet goals for 4/6weeks

Challenge water bottle

Level 3

Meet your goals for all 6 weeks and earn all three prizes

Challenge t-shirt

Weekly prize drawings

Earn an entry into the weekly prize drawing by meeting your goals each week.

Prizes include gift certificates and  active gear, sports equipment and more!

 Challenge Celebration

All participants are invited to attend the challenge celebration on … Join us for some yoga and Zumba in Dixon’s upper gym.

  • pick up your prizes
  • Invite a friend, everyone is welcome to attend

Keep moving

Once the challenge is over keep your healthy habit going. There are endless ways to be active, have fun and de-stress at RecSports. Come play!